Vision ? or Expectation ?

An employee said to me, “Once you reach Grasberg Pit, you would likely to be back again.”

It has been 9 month since this draft was written. The answer for this short article is clear : It is just your expectation.


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Cleaning DVD/CD ROM on notebook

I just realized how easy to clean the optics of DVD/CD-ROM. Since last year, my DVD drive cannot read all of type of disk.

I though I need to use DVD cleaner products. I searched in many computer shop. But ,it is relatively hard to find nowadays.
So I try to use only cotton bud. I cleaned it carefully.
It worked. trust me.

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Can I study on world’s top tier institution?

I am just a normal person who graduated from small university of third world country.

But, I’m standing on the shoulder of Giant. Really big Giant. El-Shaddai.

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Set up NetworkManager-OpenVPN on Fedora 23 KDE

Fedora Scientific Spin uses KDE as its default environment, and OpenVPN had some configuration problem as stated by lefred. Since Fedora 21 to recently out Fedora 23, openvpn setups still use MD5 with the SSL certificate. So it is impossible to connect, especially to my campus openvpn system. Stuck for several weeks were pretty uncomfortable. luckily, I had resolved it. (more…)

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Connecting to an access point via terminal on Fedora 22 KDE Spin

Two days ago, I tried some experiment. As a consequences, I accidentally removed some vital KDE desktop programs. So I must reinstall the KDE.

My Fedora 22 booted normally but would not go further to login screen. Leaving only blank white screen. Before reinstalled the KDE desktop manager. I had to connect to the internet. Via terminal, as that was the only option.
My first attempt was to connect the Thinkpad X201 to my personal access point. I almost spend whole day just to figure out how to connect via terminal.

I use :






their command & procedure widely available on the internet. But, my wireless device never responded (my hardware is wlp2s0). Luckily, I found very useful documentation from Fedora Project Wiki . Unlike previous attempt by using ifconfig etc. This one is extremely simple.

There was one important point on my case. Even though my Fedora 22 are failed to GUI login mode, the NetworkManager daemon was already up. So, it was possible to use


the command line version of NetworkManager. Complete explanation can be accessed through the link that I already gave.

I did :

nmcli radio wifi

to obtain my wireless device status. My device was disabled. Then

nmcli radio wifi on

then I listed available access points

nmcli device wifi list

on my case, my access point name was “Agape” with WPA protection. The pass was “hehehehe”. So I try to connect by execute

nmcli device wifi connect Agape password hehehe

My wifi LED was blinking. The sign of life. It was connected finally. As simple as hell. Damn it.

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Gstreamer backend error

My OS in this case is Fedora 21, KDE, Intel Integrated Graphics.

This problem really annoys me. VLC plays normally. But not with dragon player and firefox embedded audio video  player. Then I found out. It had to do with gstreamer backend. Show solid color only with normal sound.

greenscreen1 greenscreen2






When I tested gstreamer with gst-launch, both gstreamer-0.10 and gstreamer-1.0 played well. It confused me.

Fortunately, when I randomly remove libva-intel-driver , the problem solved. hahahahaha.


So the problem lied on HW video decoder. The libva library alone is enough to decode. In my opinion, libva-intel-driver is deprecated or it was already integrated in libva.

Maybe I accidentaly installed it before. So, remove it will solve the problem for my case.

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Unison error in KDE

In Fedora 21 KDE spin, Unison encountered an error when attempt to open file browser. As shown in a figure below, if you try to set the directory then segmentation fault occured.


unison:8825): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_tree_model_filter_get_value: assertion ‘GTK_TREE_MODEL_FILTER (model)->priv->stamp == iter->stamp’ failed
(unison:8825): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: gtype.c:4221: type id ‘0’ is invalid
(unison:8825): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: can’t peek value table for type ‘<invalid>’ which is not currently referenced
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

The solution is to change the GTK+ styles with native gtk themes. Not the kde-gtk. In my case, the default gtk+ styles was oxygen-gtk which was gtk-theme ported from kde style. Then, I switched it to raleigh theme.


Re-open Unison, create new profile. Open directory. voila! the problem solved.


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